Destination Fashion

Alexandre Senes, the founder of luxe-label, Kilometre Paris, wants to be your guide to new destinations. On a whim, the former fashion editor purchased a trove of 300 men's dress shirts while antique shopping in the Marais. Originally made in the 19th century (and formerly owned by Ridley Scott's set director for the film GLADIATOR), these oversized shirts are constructed of light and durable materials like linen, hemp, and nettle. Combining her love of travel and fashion, Alexandre used her vintage finds to create a collection showcasing up-and-coming travel hotspots. Artisans in Mexico and India use techniques similar to haute couture to intricately hand-embroider the shirts with illustrations and GPS coordinates of some our favorite under the radar travel hotspots. These one-of-a-kind designs can take a minimum of five weeks to complete.

The brand has recently introduced a line of shirts and dresses featuring the embroidered designs on handwoven cotton -  allowing you to experience the luxe destinations at a lower price point. 

Browse my favorites from the collection below. 

PERSONALISED GPS BASKET                                                                                                  PFEIFFER BEACH, BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA, USA

PERSONALISED GPS BASKET                                                                                                PFEIFFER BEACH, BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA, USA