The Caftan Clique
The Caftan Clique
Inspiration For The Journey

 A caftan is timeless and versatile. Worn with sandals by day, it's perfect for running errands or lounging poolside at a chic resort. Add towering heels with some sparkling jewelry and it becomes a glamorous look for a night out. Most women think of the caftan as an article of clothing normally used to cover their swimsuits at the beach, pool, or resort.  But it is way more than that…

Throughout history, this loose fitting, flowing piece of clothing has been viewed as a symbol of sexuality, freedom and confidence. Caftans are worn by chic women, young and old.  Women who wear caftans defy traditional ideas of sexuality; it takes a certain kind of woman who can exude sensuality while draped in yards of fabric. Women who wear caftans are free spirited, creative, and comfortable in their own skin. Caftans epitomize the choice of attire for the elegant, sophisticated nomad. There is something about wearing a caftan that can make something as ordinary as a trip to the grocery store seem glamorous.  Worn by women who want to add a touch of glamour from a bygone era, a caftan is both timeless and elegant. It is at once functional and fashionable.

As a former fashion stylist for film and TV, I’ve always been drawn to clothing that evokes a certain mood, sense of place, or overall feel. After trading in 14-hour workdays to raise two beautiful sons, my passion and curiosity for fashion never waned; I became more confident and assertive in honing my personal style, learning to take creative risks and accept inspiration wherever it came -- trips with the boys or adult getaways; art museums or literature; travel magazines, fashion websites or lifestyle blogs. I believe fashion should be fluid--playful one day, understated the next, and take-on-the-world the following. My love of adventure has informed this style, incorporating patterns, fabrics, and idiosyncrasies from a host of different cultural influences. The caftan, to me, is a signature piece that embodies sophisticated traveling; its easy-packing, beach-to-street, day-to-night versatility calls to mind ‘70s style icons like Pat Cleveland, Zandra Rhodes, Talitha Getty, and Bianca Jagger.  

Caftans are an essential part of my travel uniform--casually chic and reliably fabulous no matter the setting. The Caftan Clique was created to celebrate the modern woman pursuing a life enriched by travel, fashion, and new experiences. We'll indulge your wanderlust with in-depth profiles, visuals and links to the latest in travel and resort wear.  I hope you’ll join me on my journeys, and share your own fashion-forward inspirations!

-Meredyth Owen